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Extinction Book 1 Girl with the Golden Eyes is being offered – to US residents and Amazon and Goodreads customers only, alas – free, 100 Kindle copies, in a promotional lottery which is called a Goodreads Giveaway. I just thought I’d let you know!

It’s one of my favorites – of my own books – and it opens The Extinction Trilogy, which brings the story of humanity’s adventure on this lonely wonderful little planet, Earth, to a close.

So, if you have time, have a look, even if you are in Canada or the UK, or elsewhere.

Miranda, the 14-year-old heroine, is a sort of supergirl Fascist, the ideal type, created by the Cosmos regime. Miranda and Nikki – mother and daughter – are cast away, and about to be sacrificed, on a burning cross, to the Mutant Goddess, Dolly the Sheep.

This fast-paced, thrilling, endlessly inventive fantasy adventure opens with a spectacular plane crash in the vast arid wasteland, Great Central Desert, which was once the heartland of the now-defunct USA. There are only two survivors: a stunning Cosmos Fascist Youth Leader, 14-year-old Miranda Hughes, and her stylish, imperturbable, ultra-elite mother, Nikki.

Captured by a horde of Mutants, led by half-naked Prince Caliban, aka Tarzan Pirate King of the Desert Sands, Miranda and Nikki are imprisoned in a cave in the Underground Mutant Kingdom, and about to be sacrificed to the Mutant Goddess, Dolly the Sheep.

How will Miranda’s belief in her Fascist Cosmos identity stand up against Desert Pirate Tarzan and the hordes of Mutants?

How will ultra-elite Nikki deal with the loss of the last shred of her Cosmos identity?

Meanwhile, V the gorgeous half-alien vampire, determined to discover what happened to her fellow alien-human hybrids, who were all “disappeared” in the “Great Culling” of the “Human Purity” campaign 14 years ago, has disguised herself as a Cosmos Centurion and hitched a ride with a Cosmos Centurion column, heading deep into the Great Central Desert.

In this whirlwind tale, The Island of Doctor Moreau meets Shakespeare’s The Tempest meets Star Wars. Swing along with Miranda, as she tries to survive! Check her out – here: Extinction Book 1 Girl with the Golden Eyes.

Extinction Book 1