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Son of Two Fathers – The Renaissance – Mantua – Andrea Mantegna – Virtuoso of Space

ANDREA MANTEGNA'S HOUSE IN MANTUA: Andrea Mantegna, the court painter to the Gonzagas of Mantua, had a talent for conjuring ...
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Son of Two Fathers, The Renaissance and Andrea Mantegna – Camera Picta – Oculus

While writing the novel "Son of Two Fathers" - (2019 House of Anansi Press) - set in the Renaissance between ...
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Painting of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Conjuring Venice – Writing Historical Fiction with All Five Senses

I may be old-fashioned, but I believe that bodily, visceral energies are essential for writing fiction. When I was asked ...
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Voyage in Sicily: Migrations

A few small insights from my recent visit to Sicily. Unlimited migration or immigration is not necessarily a delightful thing ...
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Multiculturalism — Is Canada a Model for Others?

John Ralston Saul recently wrote a paean to Canadian multiculturalism indicating that multiculturalism is a panacea and that the 'nation' ...
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