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The Beach and the Voyeur

Martine and I came to the end of the narrow, dusty road and found ourselves in a little fishing village – it consisted of a few houses strung out along the beach and huddling close under the cliff. There was a small beach-front path, and a tiny bar that looked like it was made entirely of bamboo, out on the sand, colorfully painted fishing boats pulled up onto the beach, cantilevered over on their sides.

Hi! I’m Gwendoline!

Here. I’m Gwendoline. Let me introduce my friends. Martine Aubin – my girlfriend. Martine is French and she’s a film star. She is blond, blue-eyed, in super form, beautiful, always a golden tan, always mischievous, affectionate, and loyal, and almost always – even when she’s rip-roaring mad about something – in good humor. She’s very …

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