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The Shaming of Gwendoline C

The Shaming of Gwendoline C

“It was midnight. I gulped: I was helpless — the naked prisoner of a total stranger.”

In a horrible moment of exposure and humiliation, headstrong math genius Gwendoline abandons herself to a thrilling erotic romance with a British millionaire.

She plunges into a steamy kinky BDSM and then bisexual passion — in Rome, Paris, and on the beaches and islands of the Mediterranean, that ends with Gwendoline’s spectacular downfall. Minutes before she is about to triumph in New York as one of the world’s greatest mathematicians, photos appear on the net — Gwendoline, naked, indulging in various sexual hijinks and misdemeanors.

Instant worldwide infamy! Will this be Gwendoline’s downfall — or her triumph?

Reader Reviews

“Gwendoline is delightful, feisty and provocative, shy and submissive, perverse and pure, dominant and exhibitionist, exquisitely private and shamelessly public.”

“I just love Gwendoline. I thirst after James, her lover. I adore sexy film star Martine Aubin, Gwendoline’s other lover – so witty and cool and compassionate!”

“This is a wild vivid Technicolor rollercoaster ride as Gwendoline, in Paris and Rome, and on Mediterranean beaches, explores the dangerous depths and luminous heights of torturous desire.”

“Gwendoline’s mischief is infectious!”

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The Shaming of Gwendoline C
By Gwendoline Clermont
Twin Rivers Productions, 2021
356 pages
Available in paperback and Kindle editions

Twin Rivers Productions