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Gwendoline Goes Underground

Gwendoline Goes UndergroundGwendoline is attacked in Paris by a team of Russian assassins, but, in a spray of bullets, she escapes.

Gwendoline’s man, James, has been kidnapped by the notorious, sadistic, fetishist international arms-dealer and ruthless killer, Sergei Platonov.

Helped by her stunning lover, film star Martine Aubin, Gwendoline is transformed into a grotesquely pierced, totally tattooed, half-literate, Appalachian runaway waif, Misty Hoyt. Misty is tailor-made to appeal to Platonov’s perversions, his obsession with tattoos and pre-destined victims. Backed by MI-6 and the CIA and French intelligence, Gwendoline, now morphed into hard-living, hard-swearing Misty Hoyt, penetrates into the breakaway renegade criminal republic deep in the Caucasus Mountains where Sergei Platonov has his fortress headquarters. To access Platonov’s inner circle, Misty has to turn up on Sergei’s doorstep, at his nightclub in the republic’s capital city.

In Platonov’s S&M SS Marquis Club, sweating blood, Gwendoline discovers just how costly her heroic venture will be.

Reader Reviews

“The beauty morphed into the beast. Horror! For love, Gwendoline disfigures and destroys herself.”

“Gwendoline is amazing!!!”

“Gwendoline splits herself into two — a grotesque Appalachian wastrel, and a math and espionage genius!”

“I wish I had a girlfriend like Martine Aubin and a boyfriend like James Hewett Spencer!!!”

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Gwendoline Goes Underground
By Gwendoline Clermont
Twin Rivers Productions, 2021
Kindle Edition, 440 pages

Twin Rivers Productions