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Gwendoline Goes to School

Gwendoline Goes to School

Gwendoline is in paradise. She is in love — with James, and with Martine.

Gwendoline is back with James, her British millionaire, and she having a parallel, equally passionate, and spectacularly public affair with her pal, French film star Martine Aubin.

Partly in partnership with Martine, Gwendoline has become a pop and fashion icon of perversity.
Even so, one sunny week in Rome, Nicole d’Artois, the sophisticated French dominatrix, declares that Gwendoline needs a rigorous refresher in submission and deportment. Gwendoline snaps up the offer. It all turns very sultry and exciting.

Meanwhile, because of her math and hacking skills, Gwendoline has also become an “asset” for various intelligence services, and James has become involved in some very strategic, dangerous, and murky deals. Together, they are a golden couple. Together, they go on perilous rescue missions.

And so, Gwendoline is on top of the world — then, in an instant, her world is shattered into a thousand pieces. Can they ever be put back together?

Reader Reviews

“It’s a girls’ school. Gwendoline and Martine and Nicole are philosophers and strategists of desire and sex, tacticians of seduction and power. And they are fun!“

“Gwendoline gets tied up in more and more delightful knots. Never has humiliation been more delicious.”

“Gwendoline is freedom! To dream! To live! To love! To shock!“

“Gwendoline is an artist friendship and love. Her affair with Martine is a hymn to friendship and desire.“

“When Gwendoline springs into action, she proves she is a true warrior!“

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Gwendoline Goes to School
By Gwendoline Clermont
Twin Rivers Productions, 2021
442 pages
Available in paperback and Kindle editions

Twin Rivers Productions