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Gwendoline Trilogy

Written by Gwendoline Clermont
Twin Rivers Productions, 2021

“Gwendoline is delightful, headstrong and provocative, shy and submissive, perverse and pure, dominant and exhibitionist, exquisitely private and shamelessly public.”

Gwendoline is fictional, but feisty. Her father disappeared when she was a baby. Her abusive filmstar mother was diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia. Raised by her rich maternal grandmother, Claudia Clermont, Gwendoline turned out to be a math genius, with a stutter, and a bushel of complexes. But she overcomes, she studies at MIT, she wins huge prizes, and she begins a brilliant career, but then …

Books in the Series

The Shaming of Gwendoline CTHE SHAMING OF GWENDOLINE C: “It was midnight. I gulped: I was helpless — the naked prisoner of a total stranger.” In a horrible moment of exposure and humiliation, headstrong math genius Gwendoline abandons herself to a thrilling erotic romance with a British millionaire. She plunges into a steamy kinky BDSM and then bisexual passion — in Rome, Paris, and on the beaches and islands of the Mediterranean, a passion that ends with Gwendoline’s spectacular downfall.

Gwendoline Goes to SchoolGWENDOLINE GOES TO SCHOOL: Gwendoline is in paradise. She is back with James, her British millionaire, and she having a parallel, equally passionate, and spectacularly public affair with her pal, French film star Martine Aubin. Partly in partnership with Martine, Gwendoline has become a pop and fashion icon of perversity. Even so, one sunny week in Rome, Nicole d’Artois, the sophisticated French dominatrix, declares that Gwendoline needs a rigorous refresher in submission and deportment. Gwendoline snaps up the offer. It all turns very sultry and exciting. Then, in a flash, Gwendoline’s world shatters — into pure horror.

Gwendoline Goes UndergroundGWENDOLINE GOES UNDERGROUND: Gwendoline is attacked in Paris by a team of Russian assasins, but, in a spray of bullets, she escapes. Gwendoline’s man, James, has been kidnapped by the notorious, sadistic, fetishist international arms-dealer and ruthless killer, Sergei Platonov. Helped by her stunning lover, film star Martine Aubin, Gwendoline is transformed into a grotesquely pierced, totally tattooed, half-literate, Appalachian runaway waif, Misty Hoyt. Misty is tailor-made to appeal to Platonov’s perversions, his obsession with tattoos and pre-destined victims. Backed by MI-6 and the CIA and French intelligence, Gwendoline, now morphed into hard-living, hard-swearing Misty Hoyt, risks life and limb, and penetrates into the breakaway renegade criminal republic deep in the Caucasus Mountains where Sergei Platonov has his fortress headquarters.

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Written by Gwendoline Clermont
Twin Rivers Productions, 2021

Twin Rivers Productions