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Extinction Book 3
Adventures of V: Volume 7
Extinction 3: Elysium

“The Goddess is back. Her hour has come.” — Jules Cashford

Determined to save the human race from the Boy, V races to Elysium, the capital of the Cosmos Empire, the last bastion of humanity’s earthly rule. She discovers that the Boy has turned the World Mind and all technology against their human creators, raised the dead in a parody of the Rapture, and released a weaponized Bubonic plague. In a final desperate battle, V struggles desperately to prevent the extinction of humanity, and to save the universe from being overwhelmed by evil.

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Extinction 3: Elysium
By Gilbert Reid
Twin Rivers Productions, 2020
Trade paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 780 pages
Also available in ebook format

Twin Rivers Productions