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Extinction Book 2
Adventures of V: Volume 6
Extinction 2: Revolt of the Angels

A rip-roaring, satirical, page-burning race, with an ancient goddess, to the end of the Anthropocene Era.

As the Boy’s Cult of Death sweeps across the desert, V races towards Camp Terminus where her fellow hybrids, as well as human dissidents, are imprisoned in a steamy inferno a mile underground. As V plunges into the sulfurous netherworld, the Boy’s monstrous true believers arrive, sowing terror and destruction. Victims morph into hideous ghouls. The pitheads collapse. Explosions, fires, avalanches, and floods trap V and the prisoners deep in a foul, turbulent, deadly labyrinth.

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Extinction 2: Revolt of the Angels
By Gilbert Reid
Twin Rivers Productions, 2020
Trade paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 564 pages
Also available in ebook format

Twin Rivers Productions