Cover of So This Is Love, Twin Rivers edition, 2019

“Powerfully rendered and suspenseful.” — Joyce Carol Oates

Cover of Son of Two Fathers

“… ribald humor, scandalous intrigue, and page-turning drama.” — Sandra Martin

Cover of Lava and Other Stories

“Very powerful, poetic and nasty and tough.” — Anna Porter

Writer and broadcaster Gilbert Reid was born in Toronto and raised on a dairy farm outside the village of Kleinburg, Ontario.
He lived for thirty years in Europe and has worked as an economist, foreign service officer, university lecturer, adventure travel guide, translator, jack of all trades in public relations, script doctor, television and radio writer and producer, book reviewer, and journalist. His most recent fiction includes Son of Two Fathers, Lava and Other Stories, and a new edition of So This is Love: Lollipop and Other Stories.